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August 03, 2023

Welcome Faculty!

CASS partners closely with faculty to support students with disabilities at Caltech. You are a key

This page provides information and resources to help about common student accommodations, and guidance on how to implement them to ensure fairness and equity.

Examples of Common Accommodations:

  • Extended time and/or breaks on exams
  • Adjustments to testing environment
  • Assistive technology/software
  • Adaptive lab equipment
  • Preferred classroom/lab seating
  • Notetaking support (audio recording, access to digital notetaking tools)
  • Alternative format (Braille, enlarged font, screen reader compatible)
  • Additional breaks during class
  • Real-time captioning or ASL translation
  • Occasional reasonable adjustments for deadlines (typically extensions of less than three days provided on a case-by-case basis)
  • Occasional excused absences
  • Reduced courseload (underload)

Please feel free to reach out to CASS at any time if you have questions about this process, concerns about an individual student with a disability, or would like guidance - we are here to help!