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August 03, 2023

Location and Hours
Center for Student Services
Room 105
By appointment


"Photo of Sean Cutting a  male with short hair wearing glasses and maroon shirt"

Sean Cutting

Accessibility Services Specialist


Sean joined Caltech in 2023 and his role focuses on collaborating with students with disabilities and medical conditions to ensure access through accommodations and other resources on campus and in the community. Sean is available to meet with students to discuss the CASS registration process, as well as ongoing guidance and check-ins for students who are registered with CASS. Sean also serves as a member of the CARE team, the Caltech ADA Committee, and UASH (advisory member).

Pronouns: he/him
Education: M.S. Special Education, University of North Dakota
Professional Affiliations: Association on Higher Education and Disability.
Hobbies/Self-Care: Video games, board games, music, theater, movies, and playing with my son.
Wellness Tip: Don't underestimate the restorative power of taking a break from the phone or computer and getting outside, even for just a few minutes (the turtle pond is my favorite spot on campus).