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Location and Hours
Center for Student Services
Room 248 & Room 105
By appointment
Closed on Institute Holidays


December 14, 2023

Welcome Students!

Caltech is committed to providing reasonable support to students with disabilities by providing academic adjustments, auxiliary aids and services and other disability-related accommodations (accommodations) consistent with legal requirements. Caltech will engage in an interactive and individualized process with each student requesting accommodations to explore what accommodations may be reasonable. This process is administered by CASS staff (CASS) and may include input from academic advisors, faculty members, the Director of Wellness Services and, if necessary, outside experts. Requests for accommodations must be supported with appropriate documentation establishing that a student has a disability requiring accommodation. Accommodations provided to a student in the past also may be considered in evaluating the reasonableness of an accommodation, but are not dispositive. If CASS determines that a requested accommodation fundamentally alters an Institute program or activity or constitutes an undue hardship, it will not be approved. If a request for an accommodation is denied by CASS, the student may appeal the decision under the Student Disability Grievance Procedure.

Students who have questions about the process for requesting accommodations, including eligibility requirements, are encouraged to consult with CASS. When appropriate, CASS may provide referrals for additional testing and/or evaluations. Testing is not offered through campus resources.