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Center for Student Services
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December 20, 2023

ACCOMMODATE: For all your accommodation process needs

All students who would like to request accommodations for a disability must utilize the Accommodate system for student services processes. This includes requesting accommodations, notifying faculty of approved accommodations, and requesting alternative format text materials.

In addition, the Accommodate portal will allow students 24-hour access to all of their disability information including: approved accommodations, pending requests, accommodation notification letters, current and historical CASS appointments, uploaded documentation and documents, and more.

To log in to Accommodate, enter the portal below:
Accommodate Student Portal Log in

ACCOMMODATE is specifically designed for disability services offices and features a portal for students, faculty, and staff to engage in full-featured management of all accommodation-related information and processes. The system will significantly improve and simplify student disability services processes, create efficiencies for students, faculty, and staff, eliminate paper transactions, reduce email exchanges, provide access to student information and records at any time, and much more.

If you are a current Caltech student and are not already registered with Caltech Accessibility Services for Students (CASS) for accommodations, you may make a new request for accommodations using the CASS Registration Form.

Students must submit a completed Request for Accommodations form and your treatment provider must submit documentation to support your request. Please visit the CASS home page for documentation requirements. Please note accommodation request reviews may take 2-3 weeks, depending on the volume of requests at that time.

Students who have completed the registration process with Caltech Accessibility Services for Students (CASS)and have been approved for academic accommodations must notify their course faculty of their approved accommodations each semester. This "accommodation notification" to faculty is managed in Accommodate by making a "semester request."

This request should be made through the Accommodate system by the end of the add/drop period or as soon as possible if accommodations are approved during the semester.

When making the semester request, students can select which approved accommodations they want included in the notification letter. When a course is selected, all faculty associated with the course will receive an email notifying them that a student accommodation notification letter is available to view in Accommodate. It is important to note that TA's working with the course faculty will not receive notification. Either the student or the faculty must forward the letter to any preceptor or TA that needs to have this information.

Please view below for step-by-step list on how to submit a semester Request.

  1. Log in to Accommodate:
    1. Begin by logging into your Accommodate account.
  2. Navigate to Accommodation:
    1. On the left-hand menu, locate and click on "Accommodation."
  3. Access Renewal Request:
    1. Within the Accommodation section, find and click on "Renewal Request."
  4. Select Term and Add New:
    1. From the term drop-down menu, choose the specific term for which you need accommodations.
    2. Click "Add New" to proceed.
  5. Specify Semester:
    1. On the resulting "Semester Requests" page, use the semester drop-down menu to specify the exact semester for your accommodations.
  6. Review and Customize Accommodations:
    1. On the right side, two buttons are available: "Submit for All Accommodations" and "Review the Renewal."
    2. If you select "Review the Renewal," you can customize which accommodations apply to each course.
  7. Final Submission:
    1. After customizing your accommodation requests or submitting them for all courses, click the "Submit" button to finalize your submission.

Students who would like to meet with a CASS manager may make an appointment through Accommodate. This process will allow you to make an appointment request for a specific date and time.