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Current Undergraduate Student

Location and Hours
Center for Student Services
Room 248 & Room 105
By appointment
Closed on Institute Holidays


December 14, 2023

Housing accommodations are considered by the Caltech Accessibility Services for Students (CASS) for incoming undergraduate students who have diagnosed disabilities prior to matriculation. Students may also request housing accommodations outside of this pre-matriculation process, but any accommodations found to be reasonable and supported will be implemented based on availability of housing that aligns with the specified accommodations.

Process to request housing accommodations

Housing accommodations requests are made through Caltech's disability management system ("Accommodate"). Requests in Accommodate can be made through one of the following methods:

  • First-time requests: Students making a first-time accommodation request must submit their request using the following accommodation request form.
  • If a prior accommodation request has been made: Students who have requested any type of accommodation (academic, housing, or dining) previously must submit a Supplemental Request.

Housing accommodation requests will require accompanying documentation. Documentation-related guidelines can be found here. Requests for housing accommodations will not be reviewed until documentation meeting these guidelines has been uploaded into Accommodate.

Fall 2024 Undergraduate Housing Accommodations Deadline

To make housing accommodation requests, please refer to the CASS website. To ensure your request is fully considered, make sure to submit your completed request, including all documentation, by March 30th.

Frequently Asked Questions

All requests for housing accommodations must be supported by documentation from a qualified professional. CASS offers forms that can be completed by professionals to submit as documentation: Documentation for Student Disability Accommodation For more information on documentation requirements, please visit Documentation Requirements.

Documentation must be submitted by the housing accommodations request deadline. If you are unable to submit documentation by the deadline, you must still submit the request by the deadline and notify CASS that you are unable to submit documentation at that time. CASS will review whatever has been submitted in support of the housing request but cannot guarantee a decision can be made without sufficient supporting documentation.

If you do not request housing accommodations by March 30th, you can still submit your request and documentation. If you plan to request housing accommodations but will not have your documentation by the deadline, we recommend that you submit your request by the deadline and contact the Caltech Accessibility Services for Students immediately ( to discuss the receipt of documentation.

If a student makes a late housing accommodation request after March 30th and CASS determines that they are eligible for accommodations, the University's housing department will work to assign or reassign you to an appropriate available space. Students can expect varied wait times depending on availability. If an appropriate room is not immediately available, you will be placed on a housing accommodations waitlist. While you will be prioritized for an assignment, please note that room assignments are not guaranteed and are subject to availability.

All housing accommodation assignments are made to a specific room type in accordance with CASS's assessment. A particular room on campus cannot be guaranteed through the accommodations process.

For questions or concerns about your requested accommodations, contact CASS at

For questions relating to your housing accommodation assignment or other housing questions, contact the Housing Office at

CASS may determine that a student is eligible for accommodations for one or more academic years. At the time of the determination, CASS specifies the accommodation time period for which the student is eligible.

If CASS determines that a student is eligible for multiple years, the student should not submit a new request for housing accommodations in the Accommodate portal; the University's housing department will automatically accommodate you in a space if available.